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Introducing the Multi-Secure, Fast Access SMART 2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the SMART 2™?

To protect my home and family, my gun needs to be instantly available, but keeping a loaded, unlocked accessible gun has safety and legal risks.

Why not just use a gun safe or trigger lock?

A conventional trigger lock and key are not practical if the gun is needed in an instant. The SMART 2 protects you if wrestled or taken away, allows faster access than a gun safe or trigger lock, and can be moved to where you are, for example from your bedside to your kitchen drawer. The SMART 2 also features a 12-hour unlock mode to provide the readiness of a conventional gun when desired. In addition a small gun safe can be stolen.

Is the SMART 2 a “smart gun”?

The patented SMART 2 – 9MM pistol is nothing like those referred to in the media as “smart guns”. The SMART 2™ uses a PIN code lock which is very simple and more practical than technology such as fingerprint readers or “RFID” that require companion rings or watches. Additionally, our exclusive THEFT GUARD and other features protect against unauthorized handling, tampering and theft, which puts the SMART 2 in a whole new category.

How can I trust that it is reliable?

The SMART 2™ will be fully tested to rigorous standards and certified by third party labs. It will meet, or exceed, the upcoming performance and reliability standards for personalized guns released by the National Institute of Justice. The reliability of the locking system will be significantly greater than the reliability base firearm.

The SMART 2™ is built upon proven rugged technology, such as the technology found on aircraft, in automobiles, and in the military. Methods and means to make our electronics and systems rugged are well known. They are in widespread use in life-critical and battle-critical situations.

Should a gun rely on batteries that may fail at a critical time?

The SMART 2™ will feature a long life battery, like those in critical electronics we depend on every day, such as smoke detectors, heart pacemakers. A low battery indicator blinks when it’s time to change the batteries, and if ignored, an alarm will sound.

Why a PIN code?

A PIN (Personal Identification Number) code entry can be rehearsed, memorized and completed in a second. The durable lighted keypad can be used without problem in any environment. PIN codes entry is one of the most proven and commonly used methods of user verification today, with thousands of code combinations possible. Combined with our THEFT GUARD alarm, PIN codes are quite secure.

A PIN Code is not as fast as an unlocked Gun

While the SMART 2™ may not work for individuals wanting to keep a loaded and unlocked gun nearby, it’s a better alternative to a trigger guard or gun safe, offering a multi-secure and fast access solution. It also has an optional 12-hour unlock mode, so it can function as a conventional gun when needed.

What is Theft Guard and how does it work?

A: THEFT GUARD is a motion sensitive alarm system that sounds an ear-piercing alarm if the SMART 2 is moved or handled without the proper PIN code entered within a countdown period, for example, after 10 seconds. It protects against unauthorized handling, tampering and theft. It can be optionally turned off.

Can the SMART 2  be “hacked” or externally controlled?

The SMART 2 is designed to be “un-hackable”. A gun that can be hacked, controlled or disabled by someone else (including the government or terrorists) should not be sold since such a weakness could deny your right to keep and bear arms and to defend yourself. The SMART 2’s only input is the keypad, and it can only be unlocked with your PIN code. It does not have any wireless communication, such as WiFi, RFID, Bluetooth or GPS.

Can the locking components be tampered with or disabled by a teen with a screwdriver or wrench?

The gun safety components are locked in the grip when the gun is locked, deterring a potentially tragic result. Handling the SMART 2 for longer than the allotted time will sound its THEFT GUARD alarm.

What’s wrong with fingerprint readers?

Fingerprint readers have significant reliability issues. In real-world use, fingerprint based locks are not reliable, especially when accessed with damp, greasy, moisturized, gloved, or wet hands, or when the gun is dirty or dusty.

Why not an RFID gun?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) devices operate reliably, but require a companion ring or watch, that can be stolen with the gun and prove impractical for most people. If left on a dresser, an RFID device could tempt a curious child to experiment, and may not protect the owner in a take-way situation. Wireless technologies in general are less secure.

Do you support “smart gun” mandates?

No, we are against these mandates. They are unnecessary and hinder the free market. Mandates limit the constitutional rights of citizens to buy the gun of their choice. Specifically, the smart gun mandate in New Jersey has been shown to hinder the sale and distribution of safe gun technology. Mandates backfire and diminish the citizen’s right to bear arms, while slowing safer gun developments over the past for 15 years. The SMART 2 will stand on its own merits and should neither be mandated nor prevented from being sold.


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  • Defends: Handling, Tampering & Theft
  • PIN code lock
  • THEFT GUARD motion alarm
  • 12-Hour Unlock Mode

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